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Big Grin Rate the Username Above you.
Posted by: I Dds You - 10-08-2017, 03:15 PM - Forum: Forum Games - No Replies

Title says all.... go!

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  Favorite Band/Song/Artist
Posted by: I Dds You - 10-08-2017, 02:58 PM - Forum: Music - No Replies

Title says all Wink

Post your Favorite!

[Image: the-weeknd-victorias-secret-fashion-show...nce-01.jpg]

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Exclamation Big News & A New Development Log!
Posted by: Steff - 10-08-2017, 10:41 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (2)

Hey All,

As you've probably seen in the Discord chat if you're in there, that I'll be creating a later version of PKOwnage which will a 718/742 revision of the server (2011 PRE-EOC).

Now I know most of you probably play PKOwnage for it's oldschool ways and that's what you enjoy and that's fair enough, but as a developer I believe the later revisions are a lot more simplier to work with in regards to how everything functions which means better content for you, the players to play. I'm not saying I don't enjoy OS content, this is more to give those who enjoyed the 2011 ERA a bit more nostalgia and I'm aware quite a few people miss this.
Anyways enough of me rambling on trying to justify myself to why a 2011 PRE-EOC server should be made and more to what WILL be made.

So, we all know PKOwnage, it's layout, skills, PKing aspects, the community, locations, etc. Well I want to create this in the PRE-EOC server also but with a few changes as, of course, OSRS has stared into a different direction and this leaves us feeling like both games are not the same game anymore so I will be trying to keep most things the same within the PRE-EOC version.

So what will we expect? Well as I've already stated, I'm wanting to keep the server exactly how we already have it but just as a HD version if you will. But due to, again what I said earlier, this can be a little challenging so what I'll be bringing into the PRE-EOC version is: Dungeoneering with rewards, Summoning, A well balanced combat system with perfect item switches (excellent for pking), Many great bosses including Nex so we'll have Nex armours, Nearly every skill is trainable in some respect with most of the secondary skills (smithing, crafting, cooking, fletching, herblore, firemaking) being near 100% completed meaning you can make/craft/fletch any item in the game, all spellbooks and spells completed so if you're tired of spinning some flax just to string an amulet just switch over to the Lunar spellbook and use the string amulet spell!

List of features:
- Perfect combat
- All spellbooks working
- Near 100% slayer system including bonuses when using black mask, hexcrest, focus sight and full slayer helm
- Each skill is trainable with all secondary skills with the ability to create almost anything in-game
- Easily accessible content via teleports with a location crystal and Max for skilling areas
- Popular bosses e.g. Godwars Dungeon can be instanced for 200k per instance
- Boss pets
- 104m experience (level 120) skill capes
- Minigames including;
- Barrows
- Fight Caves
- Fight Kiln
- Warrior's Guild
- Pest Control
- Livid Farm
- RFD Minigame (this is a custom minigame to unlock RFD gloves)
- Custom random event system to prevent botting/macroing
- Random Distractions & Diversions (Evil Trees and Shooting Stars) that spawn randomly around the world
- Working Clue Scrolls
- Perfect Item handling
- Weekly Kingdoms system

TLDR; We're bringing a fantastic PRE-EOC server to you guys which will be amazing and hopefully you guys will be on board with this also and I hope you'll be excited as much as we are!

A development log will be pushed out in the next few days (depending on IRL things) where we'll have images of what's been done so far and what's to come. The link for this when it's up will be posted in this post and in the Discord.

Thank you very much for reading, Edimmu out!

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  Flower Games Rule Guide
Posted by: Jon - 09-24-2017, 04:25 PM - Forum: Miscellaneous - Replies (2)

NOTE: You can buy mithril seeds from the general store.
NOTE: The gambler cannot control the color that is planted.
If the person betting wins the host is to pay the amount they give the host twice over.
Person Betting trades host 100m for H/C and calls Hot

Host accepts trade and plants flower. Flower comes up red (hot)
Person Betting wins.
Host trades Person Betting 200m for winning.
Whatever you bet you get twice back from. Each game will explain the rules, how to win and how much you win, along with what color is what.
Different colors can be used differently in different games. It's all explained.
Platinum should be paid with platinum. i.e 1,000 platinum should be 2,000 if Person Betting wins.
Cash should be paid with cash. i.e 100m cash should be 200m if Person Betting wins.
Items should be paid with the same items. i.e Bandos set should be a Bandos set if Person Betting wins.
Unless otherwise agreed upon. This is to ensure an accurate pay out of the winnings.
(Twice the amount bet means if the player wins you pay twice the amount)

The Games:
Hot or Cold
Frosty Flowers
Flower Poker

There are 9 colors:
Black, Blue, Orange, Pastel, Purple, Rainbow, Red, White, Yellow.

^ And that's how you play the first game of "ABC"

In the game of ABC the host and the person betting each use 1 seed. 
The goal is to get closest to the letter "A" Whomever can get closest wins.
If both plant the same color, it's a replant.
 If the person betting wins it's twice the amount bet, if the host is the only one planting.
If 2 players are betting the winner gets what was agreed upon.
Example: Player 1: Wanna bet 100m?
P2: Sure, gl.
P1: *plants orange*
P2: *plants blue*
P2 gets 100m from P1 cause they were closer to the letter "A"
See above the order of colors and what beats what up above.

Hot OR Cold
In this game the host plants 1 flower after the person betting calls out hot or cold. 
If they guess right, they win twice the amount bet.
Hot colors are: Red, Orange, Yellow
Cold colors are: Blue, Pastel, Purple
Rainbow: If the host plants a rainbow the host automatically wins.
If White or Black is planted, it is a replant, and the host will plant another seed until it is Hot, Cold or Rainbow.
If the person betting wins it is twice the amount bet.

Frosty Flowers
In this game the player betting will just place a bet and if it's cold, they win twice what they bet.
If the host plants a rainbow, or a hot color, the player betting loses.
White and black are replants.
If the player betting wins they get twice the amount bet.

Flower Poker
In this game each player will plant 5 seeds. The person with the highest "hand" wins. 
The bet can be whatever the host and the player betting agree upon. 
If both players have the same "hand" it's a replant or either player can opt to not continue with the replant.
If they agree upon 500m, the person who lost would have to pay 500m.
Your "hand" is what determines if you win or not.
Highest hand to lowest hand:

1) Flush: 5 of the same color (i.e 5 purples)
*1.5) Hot/Cold Flush: See example below*
2) Full House: 3 of one color and 2 of another (i.e 3 purples and 2 reds)
3) 4 Of a Kind: 4 of the same color and any other color (i.e 4 blues and 1 white)
4) 3 Of a Kind (trip): 3 of one color and 2 different colors (i.e 3 black, 1 red, 1 blue)
5) 2 pair: 2 of one color, 2 of another, and a random remaining color (i.e 2 pastel, 2 rainbow, 1 white)
6) 1 pair: 2 of one colors, and 3 different colors. (i.e 2 orange, 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 black)
7) Bust: If you bust it means you have none of the above and you have no matching colors (i.e 1 black, 1 blue, 1 white, 1 orange, 1 yellow)
*1.5 Other Flushes:

A Hot Flush is 5 "hot" colors. (i.e Red, Yellow, Orange, or White)
A Cold Flush is 5 "cold" colors. (i.e Blue, Purple, Pastel, or Black)
A Rainbow during either of these flushes can be counted towards the Hot or Cold Flush 
^ (i.e Blue, Blue, Pastel, Rainbow, Purple is a Cold Flush)

Hopefully this guide helps.
Good luck to everyone!

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Wink Starter Guide: Normal Accounts
Posted by: Goody - 08-21-2017, 02:53 AM - Forum: Miscellaneous - Replies (1)

Starter Guide For Normal Accounts

Hello and welcome to the best and most efficient starter guide for new players here on Pkownage!!!


The first thing that each new player should do is take a couple minutes to go through the Pkownage tutorial when they log in.

It will give basic information about the server such as: 
-how to teleport to various places around Pkownage
-where to change your spell book
-how to get a slayer task
-where to access player owned shops
-where npc shops are located
-where the emblem trader/pkp store is located at
-where the Pkownage guard is located at, which is where you can set up a bank pin, security details, and access pet insurance
-where Hari is, who can show you the drop table for monsters around Pkownage
-where the vote booth is (where you exchange vote points)
-information about the main skilling location which is Entrana

When you are done with the tutorial, a window will pop up that will allow you to select the game mode you wish to play.


The second thing you are going to want to do is use either of the following commands:

-this will give you max combat stats and is the most useful if you are going to pvm right away or do some main welfare king.

-this will give you the stats of a max 60 attack pure with only 52 prayer for smite which is best used if you want to pure pk.

-this will give you the max stats of a 60 attack zerker pure with only 52 prayer.

Or you can simply not use any of these if you want to be a level 3 combat skillet.

Spawn Kits

After that you will want to be sure to check out the amazing spawn kits that all normal accounts can use!

To access this go to your equipment tab:

[Image: 6e46f576ca4289d5c678e277fc1ce0e3.png]

Then click on the green arrow in the top right corner:

[Image: 30c7574d9a669d44436c21a82aa934d9.png]

This window will allow you to spawn different sets for your main, pure, or zerker account.

After you have checked out the spawn sets you are ready to begin your adventure in Pkownage!

From here you can take whatever path you want whether its pking, skilling, or pvming.

I would highly recommend to start off by spawning either the main melee or range set and go straight for bossing to grind some boss points.

1. Boss/ PvM Route

Boss points in Pkownage are what you want to go after if you want to get better combat gear.

Every boss in Pkownage will give you points ranging from 1-6 points (except demonic gorillas which only give 1-2) each kill or even more when double points is active.

The store is located inside of the Edgeville bank shown here:

[Image: 8bfbee75c9d6ef4562db62a08e676c90.png]

Here is a picture of what the store looks like:

[Image: 00bb9a5521f03bbd9e0a1d2f5d79f662.png]

The first thing I would recommend buying is a blowpipe because it is the best weapon in the game for killing just about everything from slayer tasks to bosses.

A few of the easiest bosses to start out with are:
-Giant Mole
-Dagganoth Kings
-Crazy Archaeologist

You should either be using the main range spawn kit or the main melee spawn kit to start off killing these bosses.

You can access boss teleports under the PvM teleports shown here:

[Image: 123900aea99b1651cb764e70f5bffe31.png]

Shortly after you get a blowpipe, you should go to pest control and go after the elite void knight set with at least the range helm.

The pest control teleport is located under the mini game teleports shown here:

[Image: 11c69343ee1e552efcc79757ca888e48.png]

This is the best armor for killing everything in the game because of the damage boost that it gives.

With a blowpipe and elite void, you can kill anything you want to in the game and you can grind after all of the boss point items.

Be sure to try and get all of the boss pets as well! 

2. Skilling Route

Another path that you could take is to start off by skilling. 

You can start off by doing any skill you wish too. 

All of the skilling teleports are located here:

[Image: e63e64e50feef6b29b2b4afe808d8be0.png]

The main area you will do skills at is Entrana which contains:
-mining rocks
-shops that sell supplies for skills 
-thieving stalls
-fishing spots
-range to train cooking
-2 banks 
-crafting shops with a furnace for crafting 

Here is a map showing where all of these different locations are:

[Image: e073ecbed7c0f80549d54c0219c82e56.png]
1: Teleport Spot
2: Mining Rocks
3: Furnace/anvil
4: Fishing Spots
5: Thieving stalls/bank/Range for cooking
6: Bank
7: Shops
8: Crafting furnace/ shops

All of the other skills will have their own separate teleports located under the skilling teleports.

You can also try and go for all of the skilling pets which are:

Rocky - Thieving
Heron - Fishing
Phoenix - Firemaking
Giant Squirrel - Agility
Beaver - Woodcutting
Rock Golem- Mining
Rift Guardian - Runecrafting
Tangleroot - Farming
Baby Chinchompa - Hunter


Every weekend here on Pkownage has double experience for all skills and double points for all point systems (bossing, pest control,voting,etc.) so make sure that you get grinding on the weekends!

Also there are random trivia questions that you can answer for cash and some trivia points which can be spent here:

[Image: 47d444ff303db8cbf600e2cc3121cb34.png]

There are also random double gold events and raid bosses that spawn throughout the day which can drop raid rewards from a dragon sword to a Twisted bow so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

Quick Starter Cash

There are two easy ways to make some quick and easy starter cash.

First is thieving which all of the items from stalls are sold for decent money

Here are the thieving stalls:

[Image: 32127fcf562dc275238b64e92470ad9a.png]

The higher level stalls will bring in more cash.
The second way to bring in some decent starting cash is to catch impling from hunter.

You will need a butterfly net and impling jars that can be bought from a store located at Entrana.

You will want to catch these and loot them for clue scrolls.

Majority of the clue rewards can be sold to the general store for decent cash!

You can get to the impling place by clicking skilling teleport>hunter>Puro-Puro 

You should end up in a place that is full of implings.

Start catching those imps and grind those clues!!

This will be the end of my guide and I hope this will help all you new players out there!!!

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments or PM me in game.

IGN: Goody or Amok

Be sure to vote everyday to help bring in new players and for great rewards!!!

Feel free to give feedback on how I did with this guide, Thanks!

Happy scaping here in Pkownage!

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Heart Farewell.
Posted by: Ness Wizard - 08-19-2017, 11:58 PM - Forum: Farewells - Replies (2)

Well guys it's been a fun run, currently I work a full time Monday-Friday job where I work 3-12, (3pm to midnight if it wasnt clear) and I really don't have much time to play except for on the weekends but I work overtime on the weekend because I'm working on paying for a new car in the future and I just want to better my life altogether, so I'm going to put aside some of the games I play for a while to focus on work for now. I hope that the server continues to grow as it is now and I hope one day we can be the #1 server out there for all to see.
I may log in occasionally to see whos on and whatnot, I don't play that often right now anyways because of the lack of motivation to play video games. I hope you all can understand and I hope you all have a great time on this beast server.

Goody - You got me into this server months ago and to this day I still thank you for that, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have met all these sweet people.
I Dds You/Dan - Man, you're the best server owner I've ever met out there and I hope that you can continue to grow this server as you've been doing, love ya buddy.
Danny - You autistic little man, you're just awesome hopefully you keep the server in check while I'm gone Wink.
Jon - You stern bastard, always trying to race me for 200m thieving, in the end you won but that was a fun race.
Oscuridad - Me encantó jugar con usted a pesar de que tuve que comunicarse a través de google translate Espero que continúe jugando a mi hombre que eres un buen contribuyente a este servidor!

There's many more people I could shout out but the list would go forever, so I'ma end it there.

May we meet again;

Ness Wizard/Guardian/Obese Dad/Failed HCIM

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  Mazo's Introduction
Posted by: Mazo - 08-17-2017, 12:19 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (1)

Sup Everybody, My in game name is Mazo. I have played rsps for like 6 years? mostly pking wise, i rarely played eco but since steff told me about this, i decided to come and try it out. so hope we can all have fun and become buddys.

sike im a mother fkn trash talking noob. lol jk.

take care everyone and hope yall treat me well <3

- Mazo

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Information PkOwnage Development Log #2
Posted by: I Dds You - 08-05-2017, 05:39 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (4)

[Image: 5hwYVWP.png]
[Image: wM2Oo4p.png]

08/07/2017 Dan's Updates

repacked cache to fix gwd and some other issues.
fixed an issue when eating food in certain areas, where a cannon is not eligible for placement.
Void update from 30% accuracy boost, to 45%.
Elite void also gets a +2.5 damage boost.
Applied the same 15% damage boost to Staff of the dead that kodai wands have.
Began adding some of the new #146 data item definitions, npc definitions etc. New Amethyst items should be coming soon
Added support for new Amethyst archery items.
Added Fletching support for creation of new Amethyst Archery items.
Added mining support for Amethyst, need to pack new maps and obtain object ID.

29/07/2017 Dan's Updates

Stile at the Falador cow farm can now be crossed.
Loyalty Manager - When you play for consecutive hours, you will now be rewarded automatically!
Updated woodcutting rewards, Birds Nests for woodcutting, potential for any nest to appear.
Added Clue Bottles for Fishing rewards and a fishing casket with some other rewards.
XP Bonus Multiplier for equipment has been implemented! Example: Prospector Outfit -> Mining, Lumberjack Outfit -> Woodcutting, Pyromancer -> Firemaking, Farmers Strawhat -> Farming.
10% bonus to hunting experience while wielding the magic butterfly net.
You will now receive a 5% experience boost to Fishing while wearing Angler pieces.
^ the full set gives you an additional 5%, for a 30% total boost.
You will now receive a 5% experience boost to Thieving while wearing Rogue pieces.
^ the full set gives you an additional 5%, for a 30% total boost.
You will now receive a 5% experience bonus to slayer while wearing any of the slayer helm (i).
the Achievement Diary Varrock platebodys now each give a bonus smithing xp when worn, 5%, 7%, 10% & 15%

Boss Event handler has been Updated with a better expansion.
Added Double Gold event handler for all NPCS when active.
Set the event to hourly.
Updated the last spellbook teleports page with Cities teleports, All alphabetical order.
Added Demonic Ruins PK teleport.
Fixed ::discord command to auto join from in-game.
Fixed gem rock mining. -> Only rewarding opals right now.....
Changed the "collect" option on bank booths and chests to support the player owned shop.
Added support for creating & using the Godswords (or).
Fixed arrows @ Kraken lair, now spawn under you like zulrah would.
Changed Fog distances Slightly.
Changed AGS Formula slightly to be more accurate.
30/07/2017 Dan's Updates

Updated Client for new tele interface and made the scroll region larger to handle all teleports.
Added some new login messages for ranked players, such as Veteran, Youtuber, Support and Staff.
Added Vespula raid boss for boss event, made it a flying npc.
Added Muttadile raid boss for the boss event.
Farmer's Strawhat exp boost for farming. also a farming reward, from farming.
Added some items to the Pest Control store - Mystery boxes, Crystal Keys and Genie Lamps.
Enabled ::fps command for all players to use.
Godswords (or) Hard Clue Scroll reward.

31/07/2017 Dan's Updates

NEW Skin colours! Speak with the Makeover Mage to customise your look :) - Must update client!
Made some changes to how Skotizo works to revive him as a boss, made him a random event boss!
Fixed the Event Timer to be 30 minutes per event! - Thanks Steff <3
Reworked the Skotizo Teleport, Dark Totem is now required for such challenge.
Other Teleportation fixes.
Added Xeric's Shrine altar so it restores prayer.
Added Dark Totems drop to all catacombs npc drops.
Added the rest of the Cat Pets.
Added a Cat Crate to the Mystery Box as a reward.
Changed the Client name to just PkOwnage.
Fixed a weird bug with a certain item and the general store.
Added Money pouch examine as a chatbox message, along with the dialogue.
lizardman drops (level 53).

05/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Changed Magic Accuracy Forumula slightly.
Fixed NPC Thieving (Pickpocketing), ID's were incorrect some by a long shot haha.
Fixed Combat Definitions for some of the pickpocketable npc's and added the drops for them
Populated Ardougne, with Hero's, Paladins, Knights of Ardougne and Guards.
Added Soul Runes Runecrafting.
The Soul Abyss Teleport, now teleports you to the Soul Rune Altar rather than the Astrals.
Added Xerician Robes, Dropped by lizard shaman and lizard man.
Fixed donation Quantitys. always ensure you have inventory space when claiming!
Renamed [pkownage] to [pkownage events]
Twisted bow no longer logs you out if you attack Gargoyles, Kraken Whirlpools, Dagannoth Supreme or Rex.
Adjusted all Runecrafting XP Rates.

Website Update(s):
Updated some of the web page footers making the website slightly more fluent to navigate.
Re-done the store https://store.pkownage.co.uk/ 

Updates to the store include the following:
Completely recoded back-end & Completely remastered CSS.
More secure using password hashing.
Design is now mobile friendly.

06/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Changed the membership total donation pricing for the automated rank selection.
Fixed Lucky implings opening.
Updated varrock east mine clue digging spot to match OSRS spot (1 tile west of the fern)
Fixed the Playtime reward breaking the bank.
Fixed some items that don't have a noted item ID, which would be lost if you withdrew as note from bank.
The Crier and musketeer hat tradeable as they should be.
Corrected the 3rd age magic equipment defense requirement from level 65 to 30.

07/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Been looking into the store problem, as donations are currently not live since the update!
Twisted bow no longer logs you out when you attack any of the Aviansies.

10/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed an issue with ruby bolts(e) counting as two kills when finishing off an NPC with a bolt special.
Removed coins from playtime reward.

11/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Changed pest control to restore stats and reset prayer etc.
Fixed an incorrect ID in the Pest Control shop.
Fixed all the reward messages with a space between the reward and the fullstop.
Made the farming pet a little bit easier to obtain, as it's hard enough as it is.

12/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed Boss pets being added to the bank when you log out etc, they were breaking your bank.
Fixed a bunch more NPC Combat Definitions.
Changed the Moss Giants in brimhaven and other areas to be lvl42.

13/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Client Updates. (Must Re-download)
Cache Updates. Full #146 Mapdata.
Added Clue Bottle's Item Definition.
Redwood Ladder fixes.
Documented the object teleports available that were unknown to me in walktoactions.
Changed rarity of RCing Skill pets, since there is 1 per altar.
Expanded the Kurask lair in Fremennik dungeon via the stairs.
Added Kurask spawns.
Nieve's Slayer cave now takes you to the correct place.
Updated Slayer Cave Teleport.
Updated the Slayer Cave NPC Spawns.
Added the tunnel shortcut within the Cave.
Added Cave Kraken lair teleport.
Located the Thermonuclear / Smoke Devils cave, added a teleport for it.
Populated the Smoke Devils cave.
Fixed Mastermeall command (admin) giving people 138 combat.
Began a basic Infernal Cave system!

14/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Temporary ::votestore command added.
Moved Corporeal Cave Teleport temporarily.
Fixed a typo with the slayer task 'basilisks'

16/08/2017 Steff's Updates

Experience rates have been halved.
The Twisted bow should now no longer log you out after attempting to use against other players.
Each prospector piece has been dropped in price and are now 100 golden nuggets per.

16/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Another Cache update.
Removed the Poison Spider task - Was told it didn't work!

-Corporeal Beast Cave, Black maps. Still usable, moved teleport nearer the cave temporarily.
-Saradomin Godwars dungeon - Boulder for entry non existent.
-Motherlode mine rocks are glitched, some face backwards into the wall on the 2nd floor.
-Vote Booths have returned.
-Barrows Chest Has returned.
-Barrows doors have returned.
-Godswords weild animations fixed.
-agility ticket npc is no longer a pyramid block.

19/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Redone all npc definitions to ensure twisted bow is working and stats are correct.

22/08/2017 Steff's Updates

Experience rates have been halved.
The Twisted bow should now no longer log you out after attempting to use against other players.
Each prospector piece has been dropped in price and are now 100 golden nuggets per.
Lava scales dropped from Lava dragons can now be crushed with a pestle and mortar to create Lava shards.

22/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Finished all or nearly all NPC Definitions for the Inferno Minigame.
Added the Exit object when you are within the Inferno Minigame.
Added support for Sacrificing your firecape to enable you access to join the minigame.
Added Sacrificing Infernal capes for a chance at the pet.
Blocked the Inferno fire entrances from acting like doors.
Added the doors to access inferno.
Added banking support @ the new bank area in Mor Ul Rek.
Added the banking minder.
Spawned TzHaar-Ket-Keh @ inferno cave, NPC will be used to start the minigame.

24/08/2017 Steff's Updates

You can now open the worn equipment screen when having a Twisted bow equipped.
Max hit formulas (melee only) now round the number down to the nearest single figure.

29/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Netty 4.1.8 Implementation. (back end things, you probably wouldn't notice unless many, many players were online, like 300+)
Reworked loginthread, handling your connections hopefully a bit better than before.
New Banning System implemented.
Zamorak, guthix and Saradomin robe top are now full body.
Mor Ul Rek Gem & Ore Thieveing, with respective level requirements set.
Lava Forge @ Mor Ul Rek bank should now be working.
Removed Skotizo from the DZ Slayer Cave.
Fixed Taverly dungeon ladder, in and out.
Fixed Kalphite Queen's combat stats.
Fixed some of the tzHaar npc's combat stats.
Populated Mor Ul Rek with some of the tzhaar npcs.
Inferno caves is now a multi arena.
Fixed one of the inferno cave npc which didn't work as expected.

31/08/2017 Dan's Updates

Heavy Casket (19941) Stand/walk animations!
Cave Horror Teleport & Spawns.
changed fog distance again.

02/09/2017 Dan's Updates

Using Item on bank - unnote x amount of item instead of all.
Fixed Item switching which seemed to be delayed or slower i.e for bridding etc.
Fixed Teleporting at 30 wildy with certain items (glory, cwars ring etc..).
Fixed Mithril seeds for Flower Poker Gambling.
Better ::update command. (Had some issues with player saving).
PM Chat Log Adjustments.

03/09/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed the Item price of Potato Cactus.

09/09/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed Input Fields on the resizable client mode. Example- Drop Table interface, Account Bank Pins, etc.

^^ Silent client update, still using 7.5 and if you use the pkownage launcher it will update for you automatically!
10/09/2017 Dan's Updates

Store is actually fixed fully this time.
Added Mithril Dragon ranged attack, fixed the max hits of its attacks.
Super attack potion (2) decanting into a (3) with giving you empty vials fix.
You can now purchase Toadflax & Snapdragon with agility tickets.
Fixed some of the buttons for Agility Tickets.
Began adding a Magma Blowpipe, a custom red magma Blowpipe.
Fixed Farming.
Skotizo Safe deaths instance. (you needed another dark totem to get your items back before).

16/09/2017 Steff's Updates

NPC hits accuracy forumla has been reworked and is a lot more accurate.
Magic accuracy has been fixed meaning splashing happens a lot less often if you've got mid to high magic attack bonuses.

16/09/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed the Fire Cape sacraficing for the infernal caves when it's completed.
Sulphur vents can now be used for cooking food in the TzHaar/Mor-Ul-Rek area.
Added a decent base for Barbarian Fishing. Still needs to apply str/agil xp on each catch.
Added a teleport for Accessing barbarian fishing.
Added Barbarian Rod to the Skilling shop.
Fixed an Obstacle Pipe at the Barbarian Outpost Agility arena, so you can exit the arena now.

17/09/2017 Dan's Updates

Nerfed clue bottle rates a little bit when fishing, it gave you way too many.
Adjusted AGS Accuracy slightly.

23/09/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed some Clue Scroll Locations to match osrs wiki.
Fixed woodcutting rewards.
Fixed a typo with a Dragonfire message.
Moved the Ardougne Farming telespot.
Added the Barbarian Rod to the Ironman Misc store.

24/09/2017 Dan's Updates

Networking and behind the scenes/Under the hood changes.
More secure logins, lots of incorrect logins disables you for a while.
Automated Backup task (Daily account backups).
Account file moved, so you don't have to remember your password every cache update.
Mithril seeds now work accordingly, with pickup and more than 1 plantable. Flower Poker Gambling could be played.
The Pet options for pickup should now be fixed for most pets.
Noting items by using them on a bank booth will now let you enter an amount, great for ultimate ironman.
When Dropping items on the ground they should now show up for other players after some time.
Drops Sytem reworked to a better working system.
You should now stay in the same pest control game you were playing, if you happened to die.
You can now Close interfaces with the ESC Key.
You can now Skip Chat Dialogues by using the spacebar to continue.
You can now 'Tab to reply' Private Messaging players who aren't on your friends list.
If you are AFK for longer than 15 minutes without typing or clicking you will be logged out.
Added Mithril seeds to the General Store.

Client Update 7.6 required!

28/09/2017 Steff's Updates
You will now get double Slayer points on the weekend.
All slayer helm varients will now give the damage boost when worn.

30/09/2017 Dan's Updates

You can no longer take pets into the Fight Pits, Fight Caves or Inferno Caves.
Removed the wall at Donor Zone which wouldn't let you enter the outside to skill.
Removed Mithril seeds from the general store temporarily, still need some minor adjustments.
Removed coloured slayer helmets from the Slayer store. 
Changed some of the item prices in the slayer store.
Added full handling of coloured slayer helmet creation, KBD drops kbd heads, KQ drops kq heads, abyssal's drop abyssal heads and Skotizo drops Dark Claws.
If your normal slayer helm is imbued, you can use the specific drop to make the colour slayer helm (i) of choice.
Chinchompas when throwing are now a multi hitting target.
Autocasting when you run out of runes and keeps on maging, should now be fixed and stops you maging.
Gemrocks will now allow you to mine multiple types of gem from the rocks.
Improved command logs.
Added the Salve amulet effects/stats/boosts.
Added Gem Rocks to the Donator's zone.
Silent Client update will have fixed roofs for camelot roof top course.
Added Multi Area for when you go to the Catacombs lair.
Added Imps to Zamorak KC and added some IMP Spawns.
Fixed an Easy Clue to use the proper Blue Wizard Hat rather that a hat of a different unobtainable item ID.
Fixed a dupe with the blowpipe.
01/10/2017 Dan's Updates

Fixed Pet Metamorphosis for: Vet'ion & The Kalphite Queen

08/10/2017 Dan's Updates

Adjusted the premade sets, moved some sets around and renamed some things, Along with adding a new set Main NHer thanks to 'Desolation'.
Blocked some items from being sold to shops.
Fixed a bug with the Zuk boss from Inferno Caves.

Released the base build of the Inferno Caves, It's nowhere near 100% but you've all been asking, so here's your challenge!
things to note regarding the inferno caves: 
The Environment doesn't work. Pillars, Ancient Glyph etc.
It's all 69 waves, see: http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Inferno

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  Fe Jeff's Progress
Posted by: Fe Jeff - 07-13-2017, 02:40 AM - Forum: Goals & Achievements - Replies (2)

Been playing for few days so here's my progress Smile

[Image: 1ono77.jpg]
[Image: x5ehk4.jpg]

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Smile Fe Jeff's Introduction
Posted by: Fe Jeff - 07-11-2017, 04:33 AM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (2)

Hello! I'm Fe Jeff  Smile So far I like the server and I hope I will stick around haha :p

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