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  Quick Mining Guide to Level 99
Posted by: Kki1000 - 04-22-2018, 09:36 AM - Forum: Skilling - No Replies

To start off grab an Iron Pickaxe and a Rune Pickaxe from the Skilling Supplies Shop (Ironmen use B0aty)

[Image: 33lyrya.jpg]

Go to Entrana Skilling in the Teleportation Menu, under the Skilling section.

Head North and start mining either Tin Ore or Copper Ore until level 15.
(It's recommended to alternate between to two so you can make Bronze Bars for Smithing Experience) 

At level 15, start mining Iron Ore until level 30.

At level 30, start mining Coal until level 41.

Required - Any Pickaxe, Hammer
Recommended - Rune or Dragon Pickaxe

Head to Motherload Mine in the Skilling section of the Teleportation Menu.
[Image: 987vux.jpg]

Run East, mine the Rockfall and continue to run East until you come to an Ore Vein in the wall.
(Ore Veins do not become depleted over time. There are plenty of Ore Veins in this area, this specific Ore Vein is used just for reference.)
[Image: talzdi.jpg]

Start mining the Ore Vien until your inventory is full.
Mining pay-dirt from Ore Veins gives 3000xp per pay-dirt.
[Image: 2h7qdu0.jpg]

Once you have a full inventory, head West towards the teleport spot and go to the Water Wheels.
[Image: 2k39yc.jpg]

Fix the Broken Struts on both of the Water Wheels, then deposit your pay-dirt into the hopper to collect Golden Nuggets.

Repeat until 99. (See Below)

Extra Experience 
It's wise to invest you golden nuggets into the full Prospector Outfit as it provides bonus experience per pay-dirt.

Prospector Jacket - 5% Bonus XP - 100 Golden Nuggets

Prospector Helmet - 5% Bonus XP - 100 Golden Nuggets

Prospector Boots - 5% Bonus XP - 100 Golden Nuggets

Prospector Leggings - 5% Bonus Xp - 100 Golden Nuggets

Expert mining gloves - 10% Bonus XP - 110 Golden Nuggets
(As of making this guide there's a bug that equips the gloves in the weapon slot instead of the glove slot)

Full Prospector - 30% Bonus XP - 510 Golden Nuggets

Bonus XP provided by the prospector outfit DOES apply to mining Rockfalls and fixing Broken Struts.

Aditional XP Rates

Trading Golden Nuggets to Prospector Percy - 3000 Mining XP per Golden Nugget

Mining Rockfalls - 300 Mining XP

Fixing Struts - ??? Smithing XP (Random amount based on Smithing Level)


Thank you for viewing my Mining Guide! It will be updated as I learn more about the Motherload Mines or a more efficient way of levelling up mining.

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  theiving guide
Posted by: links - 04-13-2018, 11:24 PM - Forum: Skilling - No Replies

I see you want to train thieving, good choice as this skill is amazing for your first bit of starter cash, with every attempt to steal from all the stalls you have a chance to get a mystery box which includes some juicy stuff.

go get here first go on your teleport interface, find the skilling tab and click entrana thieving and your there. here all the list of stalls there are and what level to steal from them.

level 1-25 food stall
level 25--50 general stall
level 50-75 magic stall
level 75-85 scimitar stall

then continue with this stall all the way to 99 and boom 99 thieving in the bag! 

hope this guide helped you out

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  woodcutting guide
Posted by: links - 04-13-2018, 11:13 PM - Forum: Skilling - No Replies

okay so in this guide I will be telling how to get 99 woodcutting. 

first your going to want to teleport to entrana skilling, grab your axe from the skilling store and begin to chop these trees in order:

from level 1-15 normal trees
from level 15-45 oak trees
from level 45-60 maple trees
from level 46-75 maple trees (optional)
from level 60-75 yew trees
from level 75-99 magic trees

pretty self explanatory, hope this guide helped you out. any questions feel free to pm me ingame Smile

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  agility guide
Posted by: links - 04-13-2018, 10:59 PM - Forum: Skilling - No Replies

okay so this guide will include the fastest way too 99 agility.

somethings you should know include:

. you will receive 25 agility tickets after each lap you complete on all the first 3 courses
. you are able to gain the graceful set along with the dyed graceful set
. graceful pieces can be bought with marks of grace acquired from all courses other then the gnome course
. feel free to spend your tickets on extra xp, some herbs or a captains hook. all can be bought 

first thing you want to do is go to your skilling tab on the teleports interface and click agility. you will need to click the first option which is "gnome agility course". you are going to be here until you are level 35 agility.

now you have 35 agility you should move on to the barbarian course. here you will be able to gain marks of grace, collect them when one pops up. 

next you will be going to the wildy course. there's nothing to worry about as you don't need to bring any equipment, if you need to bring some food. you will need 52 agility to start this course and you will be here until 60 agility. to get back home you will need to exit the course via the gate you came through to enter and run west until you see at hill with snow on it. run up the hill and continue south you will see a gate, once through the gate you will need to run south until ur in level 20 wild and you can teleport home. good luck and stay safe Smile

okay so now we move onto the seers village course, you will need 60 agility. you will be here until 99 agility as this is the quickets way to 99. congrats on your 99 agility, your skillcape and you are now 1 step closer to being max!

hope this helps!

hope this guide helps

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Wink [ Savage Asf ] Introduction
Posted by: Savage As Fk - 02-15-2018, 02:27 AM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (1)

Hey my in-game usernames Savage Asf, I'm fairly new to the server with only 2 days of been here! quiet enjoy it.. a bit lonely with a average of 2-3 players if we're lucky right? but I plan to see the server grow! 
If you see me online shoot me a Clan Chat message or a PM I'll always reply! thanks


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  [Savage Asf] Thieving Guide Feb 14, 2018 Happy Valentines DAY!!
Posted by: Savage As Fk - 02-14-2018, 10:24 PM - Forum: Skilling - Replies (1)

Welcome to '' Savage Asf " Thieving Guide!!

A Few Useful Tips/Benifits You Gain Through Training Thieving! ;

-Thieving is a great way to make some Starter Cash! so if your new you should hit this skill up first and make a small bank roll!
-Everytime you Thieve from a Stall you have the chance to win a Mystery Box & win great prizes such as money and neat items! 
-Once You Get To The Scimitar Stall The Scimitars Stack No More Banking Necessary!

Guide ;

1-25 Thieving: You'll Be Thieving From The Banana Stall! Which is Fairly Quick with only having to Thieve 14 Sliced Bananas Making You 19,600 GP

25-50 Thieving: You'll Be Thieving From The General Stall! Which You'll Only Have To Thieve 93 Cake Tins! Making You 202,400 GP

50-75 Thieving: You'll Be Thieving From The Crafting Stall! Which You'll Only Have To Thieve 792 Gold Rings! Making You 2,692,800 GP

75-85 Thieving: You'll Be Thieving From The Magic Stall! Which You'll Only Have to Thieve 1,140 Magic Stones! Making You 5,472,00 GP

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Posted by: Rox - 02-11-2018, 05:33 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (1)


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  New Corporeal Beast Guide [video]
Posted by: I Dds You - 12-26-2017, 03:02 PM - Forum: PvM - No Replies

Hey everyone, A player on the server called Destiny created this awesome new video!

You should check it out and show him some love, would be great to get more videos like this and some PK vids too! We need to all come together on this for some fun again Smile

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  200m Achievement message
Posted by: IAMT - 11-26-2017, 12:33 AM - Forum: Suggestions & Feedback - No Replies

I really like how the game announces when you get a 99 in a skill that you get a global message in the chat, that you've achieved it. I think it'd also be nice to see a 200m message in the chat, since those are usually quite a bit more challenging to achieve.

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  Tome of Fire
Posted by: IAMT - 11-25-2017, 11:57 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

The Tome of Fire, doesn't have any fire pages retrievable via the firemaking skill, nor does it give any bonuses when you equip it.

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