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  James Bond Goldeneye: N64 Remake!
Posted by: I Dds You - 08-28-2016, 11:05 PM - Forum: PC - No Replies

So, I came across this and it's so damn awesome. If you love the old James bond games, you're bound to love this and it's totally FREE!

For those wrapped up in the nostalgia of Pokémon Go, another generational favorite from a separate screen is getting attention this weekend.
Forget dusting off the old N64 controllers to get some facetime with 1997’s beloved GoldenEye 007 — a multiplayer version of the first-person shooter with updated graphics is now officially available through a free download to your PC. Dubbed GoldenEye: Source by its small team of developers/Bond fans, the game has been in the works for the past 10 years, receiving its first update in more than three years this week.

Follow us: @digitaltrends on Twitter | digitaltrendsftw on Facebook

full installer and more information here - this will install into steam to play if you use it. 

All credits go to the creators of this nostalgic fun game!

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  Anyone play Oldschool RS?
Posted by: I Dds You - 08-28-2016, 11:04 PM - Forum: Runescape - Replies (5)

Hey guys, anyone here play OSRS? I still play but not as much as I was before, thought i'd share some posts haha

May 24, 2015

still playing osrs when i can, started to do some clues recently as i was too lazy before.... Hard clue #9!

[Image: 29c11xk.png]

also heres my stats now Tongue

[Image: 24cfi1c.png]

im at around 120m bank, still havent had a kraken task and im almost 88 slayer now....

December 27, 2015

I'm broke again

but i got 99 fletching and here is a stats update!

[Image: 2lxf904.png]

11 August 2016

Shame I kind of dropped off OSRS and also staked most of my bank Sad

lost most of my remaining items i had from that moment staking, so my whole bank is pretty much gone now too >.>

not much change at all since december last year! but here's a stat update, almost 96 range and getting closer to 92 slayer

[Image: 2z9bnli.png]

figured I'd try some last man standing today casual on f2p (can't justify paying to lose my money, i'm not that good lmfao)

but i finally got a lucky streak, hella kills full inventory the whole game until the final fight! 5 kills boiii

[Image: 2qk130g.png]

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Photo Favourite Runescape Meme
Posted by: I Dds You - 08-28-2016, 10:56 PM - Forum: Runescape - No Replies

So I found someone whilst scrolling...

and he posts some pretty hilarious stuff.

[Image: CkTROyDWsAAeocS.jpg]

[Image: CjlBy6IWkAABsFW.jpg]

[Image: CjLMv3QXAAEKOeo.jpg]

Do you have a favourite Runescape Meme or someone that posts them regularly you'd like to share? Big Grin

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Information PkOwnage Media
Posted by: I Dds You - 08-28-2016, 10:49 PM - Forum: Media - No Replies

hey there guys, since this is the media category I thought I'd just post the sticky with the youtube link although it's located as a quick link on the forums above!

This is the Official youtube channel, however currently there are no new videos of the server. - This must be changed soon!

When the server is out; you are allowed to send any pk clips, boss drop clips anything of your fancy to our designated inbox:

and if you're lucky enough, your video will feature on the official PkOwnage channel! It will be put in a montage with other clips or if it's good enough a solo upload! you will also be credited in the video, so in the email please leave this format with it if possible:

In-game name:
Forums Username:
Youtube channel (more feature, optional):
Video Description:

Don't forget to Attach the Video!

Please be sure to send any clips as a zipped folder by using Winrar or 7zip as this will upload/download quicker! PM me if you have any queries

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Star PkOwnage "Simulators"
Posted by: I Dds You - 08-28-2016, 10:48 PM - Forum: Other - No Replies

Welcome to the PkOwnage Simulators thread!

I found these commands really cool and are definitely great for testing purposes, I figured you guys might also like to see and it's definitely something fun to post up!

There's also a drop rate simulator I might post up another time Big Grin

[size=18pt]Treasure Trial Simulators![/size]

Loot from 50 + 208 Treasure Trials (Unsure which exact level of trial this goes with, but 3rd age tho!
[Image: il96vn.png]
[Image: m0oqe.png]

[size=18pt]Barrows Chest Simulators![/size]

100 Barrows Chests
[Image: 2w2e8uf.png]

1000 Barrows Chests
[Image: 309si6u.png]

10000 Barrows Chests
[Image: 2njm349.png]

[size=18pt]Crystal Key Chest Simulators![/size]

100 Crystal Keys
[Image: x22h39.png]

1000 Crystal Keys
[Image: ncn44.png]

10000 Crystal Keys
[Image: 2aeqxb9.png]

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Lightbulb PkOwnage Rules
Posted by: I Dds You - 08-28-2016, 10:45 PM - Forum: Rules - Replies (1)

Hello there PkOwnage users! I see you've found our Rules category of which i'm sure you'll enjoy having a read of to prevent any action to your account In-Game or on the Forums! 

If your account is to be so unlucky and gain any of these sanctions, you will be able to appeal and it will be reviewed by a staff member and take action as soon as the conclusion as to what we do is found (Some may take longer than others, Depends how busy staff are) and also be aware that changes can take place to the rules at any time, however when this happens it shall be announced to you all!

PkOwnage Server Rules
  • 1. No Advertising of other servers or websites, there is a bit of leniency with this but you'll know if you're advertising something you shouldn't be if you did do so. *

  • 2. No Flaming. -  Swearing is tolerated but please don't aim it towards anybody that could take offense (I.E Someone who isn't a friend and hasn't spoken to you much), Please Respect others. 

    This also goes for No Racism or any type of derogatory words or phrases. Words such as the "n-word", a slang term for "homosexual", or any religious/ethnic slurs will not be tolerated, Respect is a simple manor to have.

  • 3. No Spamming. You will more than likely get muted for 24 hours. Maybe less, depends on the circumstances and of what you are exactly spamming.

  • 4. No talk of 'other servers' in chat, I know you may play other servers and I'm happy that you enjoy them aswell as ours, but try to keep it off the public chat. It doesn't give us a good look at all, I'm sure the other servers are the same. We want to keep our traffic as high as possible for the best playtime for you when PKing.

  • 5. Respect the fellow players around you, and remember if you don't like someone you don't necessarily need to talk to them or even acknowledge they're online.

  • 6. No Scamming.* - Scammers have the potential to get their banks reset depending on what was scammed and how often they have scammed (if that's the case) from doing so if the outcome was not a ban. 

  • 7. Player kill point farming.* - 0 tolerance for those caught doing so, Account resets could take place depending on what you've been up to on your account.

  • 8. Player killing - It is against the rules to use 1 or even more Items, If you want to PK please do it seriously and make others work to kill you if they are to do so, After all the more you try the better you will become.

  • 9. Multilogging - Ironman accounts and Normal users are fine to multi log with. but if you are caught trading starters or utilizing another account to gain benefits on another account at the same time at a boss such as corp or any harder boss that is where there is a problem, I don't mind if you have more than one account to use however. This also refers to anyone who thinks it is OK to make multiple starters and trade them over, I see you and I will talk to you first.
  • 10. There is NO botting or use of scripts or macros.* This goes for EVERYONE, staff as well. The use of using a botting agent, a mouse recorder, ghost mouse, or anything of the sort will be dealt with how it should be dealt with, this could mean items are taken away. Just like pkp farming. If you're using an auto-typer please make sure it's set to 5 or more seconds.
  • 11. VPN Voting* - Excessive voting will not be tolerated, it may seem to you that you're helping the server but really you could be the hindrance to the server from excessive voting which can be easily tracked to your account. If you are VPN Voting and we are caught, we could be removed from toplists.

PkOwnage Forum Rules
  • 1. No Spamming topics/threads. BE RELEVANT! Don't just post because you feel like it, acknowledge the original post & others

  • 2. No Advertising.

  • 3. Links - No virus links, you will be removed from the forums forever. 
    Be careful with what you're clicking especially when it's an off-site link if nobody else have commented or a moderator has posted, It just takes common sense really!

  • 4. No Flaming

  • 5. No threads 'targeting' individuals. (Staff Feedback and Player reports are allowed.)

  • 6. Be respectful to one another, Unnecessary flame will be dealt with

  • 7. Please post your threads in the correct forum sections, Some threads have been simply deleted in the past due to an incorrect category.

This will be updated as and when I have more rules to write or adjust, if you do happen to have any suggestions for new rules then please feel free to suggest them to me via Private Messaging.

Thanks for taking your time to read the Server Rules, I hope to see you In-Game soon.

[size=undefined]Rules Extra Information Key[/size]
* = Can result in an un-appealable ban/mute

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