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PkOwnage Donations Policy

Donation/Refund Policy

This document states the donation term and refund policies for all payments sent to directed to following website, via

For the duration of this document, “we, our, and us” will often be used in the place of PkOwnage, and can be used as reference for later documents.

Donations Policies.
All donations to the mentioned website, and PayPal address are subject to the following.

All donations are done at your own risk, and are not able to be refunded under any means, but if there is a problem please let me know as soon as possible.

You must accept the fact that donations cannot be refunded, and you are making the Donation for the greater good of the server.

At PkOwnage we are only able to be kept online by donations covering the cost of our 24/7 Virtual host, and eventually the website. In return for your lovely donation you will generally receive the points to buy some in-game items and/or an in-game/forum rank.

Since all payments are viewed as donations, we are not able to return payments, as a donation is not seen as an actual payment for an item, tangible or non-tangible.

General Policies.

All payments to the before mentioned PayPal address, and website are perceived as DONATIONS and are by no means payments for actual TANGIBLE items.
A donation is.. (as described by, link will be found at the bottom.) 
“something (such as money, food, clothes, etc.) that you give in order to help a person or organization”
This means that NO DONATIONS are expected to be matched with items in-game or tangible in return.

In this document we explain the policies of our donations, and payments via PayPal, and our website. We stand by these policies, and do not deviate from it in any case.

All of the Donation 'Benefits' are subject to be changed and updated at any point in time at our own will, as with donation prices changing.

Most payments that are sent to the before mentioned addresses, are viewed as a donation, unless specified as something else.

Our main website is located Here, and all donations and donation updates will be posted on our website under forums tab, or any other locations on this website. We hope that you are to check this frequently in order to set aside any confusion on policy updates for future reference. We try to make this server and website as happy and most enjoyable for all that come to it, but some people may not be having as much fun as others since it's not to their taste/liking, but with that being said, We don't allow this as a reason to be an exception from our policies.

Charge back or Claim policies.

In the event that the payment bounces, you charge back, or claim the payment to PayPal, you will be banned (removed) from our server the  website and the items you donated for and your account will be deleted. We do not like people to Charge back, or PayPal claims to happen on our server/website seeing as you are fully aware of what you are doing and accepted the terms by Donating. Charging back only wastes peoples time, money, and it generally takes a long time to be sorted via PayPal. 

However; If it does so happen to be due to personal reasons, we MAY be able to work something out. but unless we talk, I don't know this and won't be aware.

In the event that your account is removed from the server (AKA “Banned”), you forfeit all items that you had DONTATED for at your own will, as you were removed for a reason, such as breaking the defined rules.

When banned, you ARE however able to make a Ban Appeal, but there is no guarantee that you will receive any of the items you had purchased, on another account or at all.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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