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PkOwnage Update log Archive 2018

29/04/2018 Dan's Updates (re-motivational day?)

Cleaned up the PkOwnage Folder with the server and resources etc, made a new back up and freshened up my file structure so I know what I'm doing and where I'm looking for information
Began plotting and planning for the next moves.
Refreshed my memory as to where I'm at with bugs and what needs to be done before a huge new server launch.
Found a new voting script replacement for our current broken shitty one.
Preloading gear now requires a bank pin to be entered before you can load some gear when you have a pin set.
Preloading gear should now display which spellbook you're using when you are in the interface
bronze platebodys are all now full body and don't look buggy.
Fixed all platebodys to be full body that weren't (iron, mith etc).
Added 250 credits voucher to vote store so you can officially vote for a regular 5$ donation rank.
Removed some clue scrolls rewards from voting store as this will help make clue scrolls more desirable.
The Expert mining gloves wearing slot is now corrected.
Moved the Ardougne cloak teleport to Slayer tower top floor by the Dark Beasts.
Added a login message for when a player logs in for the first time ever.
Removed macban feature from client/server as I think it impacted some people's ability to log in and it didn't quite work as intended. Will probably add back later.
Fixed rope on Kalphite tunnels to enter.
Added the Kalphite shortcut for getting entry to the Kalphite Queen lair, both ways.
Populated Kalphite tunnel with npcs for users to kill for slayer tasks.
Fixed Kalphite Worker's Stats (hitpoints, max hit etc).
Fixed Kalphite Soldier's Stats.
Fixed Kalphite Guardian's Stats.
Kalphite Guardian's now have a drop table.
Added Quick Teleport to Fishing cape - Teleports you to the Fishing Guild.
Fixed clan chat clan Management page.
30/04/2018 Dan's Updates

Purchased a OSRS Cache updating tool to help keep up to date with the latest OSRS data.
Fixed an issue with Ultimate Ironman not being able to pick up drops.

01/05/2018 Dan's Updates

Changed the Slayer task check assignment messages when using a slayer helm, helm (i) or slayer ring, the gem will require you to view a dialogue box still.

02/05/2018 Dan's Updates

Successfully packed #169 Data. 
Fixed the client and cache to run the latest OSRS data with little to no bugs (godswords now work since the 156 osrs cache update and anything we were missing from where we left off has been added).
Moved the Corporeal Cave Teleport and cave entrance from wilderness.
Added the new Granite items: Ring, Ring (i), Gloves, Hammer, Cannonball.
Added the 'Noon' and 'Midnight' Pet Received by Grotesque Guardians.
Added Transformations for Noon Pet to the Midnight Pet.
Added the Herbi Pet, you can receive this from herblore, by cleaning herbs or completing potions.
Added the new Wyverns to the Hard Slayer task pool.
Added Creation for Ancient Wyvern Shield along with all bonuses etc. *todo: Ancient wyverns 'operate' shield.
Added the new signature drops from the new wyverns: Wyvern Visage, Ancient Wyvern Shield, Granite Boots, Granite longsword
Wrote out all of the Wyvern drop tables by hand according to Osrs Wiki.

03/05/2018 Dan's Updates

Still writing all of the new item definitions and npc definitions out, matching animations up with npcs.

06/05/2018 Dan's Updates

Fixed an issue I found with Items after packing the new Data (Client update).
Fixed a problem with mouse clicking in java 9 if you have updated to that version already.
Finished the Item Definitions finally, now for itembonuses and equipment slots.
Still writing out the new drops and configurations for drops.
Added support for Superior Dragon Bones.
Hopefully changed the bury bones achievement to register more than 1 bone when you use them on an altar.
A dragon platebody is the product of combining a dragon chainbody, dragon metal lump, and dragon metal shard. This process requires 90 Smithing.
A dragon kiteshield is a kiteshield made by combining a dragon sq shield, dragon metal shard, and dragon metal slice. This process requires 75 Smithing.
A dragonfire ward is made by Combining a skeletal visage to an anti-dragon shield. The process requires 90 Smithing.
Added Support for Dragon boots (g) Creation.
Added Support for Dragon Platebody (g) Creation.
Added Support for Dragon Kiteshield (g) Creation.
Added Support for Dragonfire Ward Creation.
Added Support for Necklace of Anguish (or) Creation.
Added Support for Turquoise Slayer Helmet and slayer helmet (i) Creation.
Added Support for Assembler's Max Cape Creation.
Added Support for new pets: Vorki, Pet Corporeal Critter and TzRek-Zuk.
Added Metamorphesis support for Jal-nib-rek and TzRek-Zuk and Dark Core and Corporeal Critter.
Added some more Triva's, we're now at 130+ Questions!
Necklace of Anguish should now require 75 hit points to equip.
Added the Dragonfire Ward. (need to add Effect etc).
Replaced Diango's claws with Dragon Claws, so Diango's claws are now Diango's claws.. ha.

07/05/2018 Dan's Updates

Writing out New NPC Definitions.
Setting NPC Walk and Stand Animations, also checked the whole list to ensure all animations are set correctly.
Cave Kraken Cove is now Multi combat.
Fixed Cave Kraken spawns / teleport.
Dragon bolts are a type of crossbow ammo that can only be fired from an Armadyl crossbow, dragon crossbow, or dragon hunter crossbow.
All types of Dragon Bolts now equip in the correct slot.
Mythical cape is now worn in the cape slot.
Dragon Bolts of any kind can now be used by Armadyl Crossbow, Dragon Crossbow and Dragon Hunter Crossbow.

13/05/2018 Dan's Updates

Updated to #170 OSRS Data
Updated Bolt Specials to include the new dragon bolts

13/11/2018 Dan's Updates

Began reworking Inferno
Began reworking Raids
Began Wilderness Slayer Tasks

18/11/2018 Dan's Updates

Finished rework of Inferno & Raids.
Changed bank space to support 750.
Fixed the issue with having a full bank and items below the max scroll point.

24/11/2018 Dan's Updates

Packed new Raid Sprites, Rigour & Augury sprites too.
Added Raids Client support (The Interface for points tally etc).
Slayer will now require Slayer Points to cancel your Slayer task, rather than 250k.
Enabled Trading in raids.
If you have a bank pin you now will be required to have entered it before you can use your Money Pouch.
If you have a Bank Pin you will now be required to have entered it before you can use your Preloading Gear (gear in your bank).

25/11/2018 Dan's Updates

Enabled Points Interface for raids.
Added Kristillia Wilderness tasks found at the jail in edgeville.
Added Inferno Teleport.
Added Revenants Cave Teleport.
Added Revenant Cave Functionality.
Removed "Dying" Achievement. It's not really an achievement to die is it?
Removed Prestige Achievement
Added Inferno Achievements
Added Coporeal Beast Achievement
Added Raids Achievements
Added NightmareZone Achievements
Added Birds nest & Mystery Boxes Achievement
Added Voting achievements

19/12/2018 Dan's Updates

Cache packed full to Theatre of blood (171_2) OSRS Data.
Cache packed fixes for Special Attack bar & 2h Animations.
Covertable/tradeable currency for PK Points and Voting Tickets.
Tradeable options Added to the respectable shops at a rate of 1 = 1.
Fixed the raids rewards interface.
Renamed some terminology for Raids (backend).
Added NPC Definitions for All Raid NPCS & All Inferno NPCS.
Removed Raids NPCS From the wilderness boss random event spawning. Replaced with cerberus, temporarily.
Added Revenant NPC Spawns.
Added Drops for Revenants.
Updated Item Definitions to handle any items to 171 OSRS Data.
Updated NPC Definitions to handle any items to 171 OSRS Data.
Updated NPC Combat Definitions to handle the newly added NPCs, still plenty to do!
Loot crystal chest achievements.
Implemented a text lagging fix for resizable.

20/12/2018 Dan's Updates

Updated Item Definitions to handle any items to 176 OSRS Data.
Updated NPC Definitions to handle any items to 176 OSRS Data.
Different wilderness boss event npcs. Chosen The Inadequacy - His drop tables will be rewritten, and more bosses should be added along the way!
Removed The Inadequacy Teleport from the PVM Teleports.
Revenants teleport has been added to the PVP Teleports.
re-done drops of the inadequacy NPC boss event
Set Wyverns teleport in the PVM teleports interface.
Made Revenant caves Wilderness & Multi.
Fixed a bug where the godwars wilderness cave was not classed as Wilderness.
Fixed a bug on the starter selection interface, you can now click the text to choose hardcore ironman.
Vote system implementation - set up remaining to be completed will be done when the server is online.

21/12/2018 Dan's Updates

Configurations for new items and npcs;
i.e weapon definitions, weild slots, item prices and protect prices and how things work
Zuriel's staff 10% magic strength bonus.
Zuriel's staff autocasting.
Morrigans javelin 145 range strength bonus
Morrigans throwning axe 117 range strength bonus
Craw's bow is now based off a crystal bow. more changes due
Justiciar armour set box.
Avernic Defender creation now supported with confirmination dialogue.
Added the new God Capes Imbued from Mage Arena II.
Added the new Imbued Max God Capes. Use an imbued god cape of choice on your regular Max Cape!
Added the demon hearts to the mage bank store that can be used on a regular god cape, to imbue your god capes.
Adjusted drop rates for Raid items from the Event Boss since we have proper raids system now, so they will be harder to get as a npc drop to encourage raid play time.
Added drop rates for new items that will be obtained via killing revenants or wilderness NPCS.
raids interface not showing up (interface id changes)

26/12/2018 Dan's Updates

Added more item definitions to support items that could be needed for Raids.
Fish in Raids are now Edible and will heal HP.
Fixed a handfull of memory leaks within the Client.
Added Barrows pets to the Client, need to check for ID clashes and test pets before adding rewards.
Added Chaotic weaponry to the Client, Unsure if this will ever be added fully to the game.
Added Functionality to the Falador Armour Sheild when burying/using bones on altar.
Added Bonecrusher Functionality & Added the Bonecrusher as an Achievement shop reward. (Automatically crushes bones)
Added a Player Referral system? Needs testing

27/12/2018 Dan's Updates

Added a Timer to see how long you took to complete: A Chambers of Xeric run, a Fight Caves (Jad) run and also for the Inferno Caves.
Added Bonecrusher 13116 to achievement store for 75 points.
Added a Basic Daily Challenge system which is skiller friendly - Currently only Mining and Fletching but this will be expanded on/changed regularly on request.
Demonic Gorilla drops have been rewritten to match closer to OSRS.
Added Rune Dragon Drops.
Added all pets to Raids Rewards:  Olmlet • Puppadile • Tektiny • Mini vanguard • Vasa minirio • Vespina
Changed a client interface to be expanded further to show more text on the scroller.
Removed tekton from the NPC Tracker as he is now a Raid only NPC.

28/12/2018 Dan's Updates

Added Justiciar ability - players receive a 25% damage reduction bonus when the full set is equipped.
Added Barrows Pets - Will be randomly rewarded from completing the barrows chest.
Added a PVP Tournament - errors cleared, needs testing.
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